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The piracy and looting system in Stellar Nomad is up and running, following a lengthy rework to the in-game economy. Other ships now carry cargo and loot, and if you don’t mind making a few enemies, you can make that bounty yours instead.

Destroy a ship carrying cargo to loot its contents and add them to your own fleet’s inventory, then find a good price for your haul on a planet somewhere to turn a tidy profit.



Quick update – Moons!

This is something I’d been meaning to add for a while and just never got around to for some reason, so here it is. It’s now super easy for me to moons to any planet, and they’ll cast shadows on each other. You can’t land on them, they’re purely cosmetic, but it’s a nice way to add a little visual variety to a star system.

You can also see one of the new nebulae in the background, but those are a bit less exciting.