What’s new:

  • Ships can now be disabled.
    • When a ship’s armor falls below 20%, the ship is considered disabled and cannot move or shoot.
    • If there are friendly ships in the system who are not in combat, they will approach the disabled ship and repair it.
    • Certain factions always shoot to kill, leaving very few disabled ships behind.
  • Disabled ships can be boarded
    • On boarding a disabled ship, you’ll be able to take any credits or cargo they have, or even capture the vessel and add it to your fleet. These actions carry a favor penalty with the faction of the boarded ship, so make sure you’re ok making some enemies!
    • Alternately, you can repair a disabled ship for a favor bonus with the disabled ship’s faction.
  • Smuggling!
    • Sometimes, you will be offered a mission to smuggle something illicit to another planet. These types of jobs aren’t available on the job board – someone will approach you with the opportunity. The pay is good, but it comes with risks. If you are scanned by a patrol vessel of any faction, the mission is a failure and you will be attacked, as well as lose favor with the faction that scanned you.
    • More importantly, a framework for offering certain missions at certain times in ways other than the job board is in place.
  • Missions can be aborted now
    • If you decide you don’t want to do a mission you’ve been assigned, as long as it’s not a storyline essential mission, you can simply open the mission log and abort it.
  • Patrols!
    • Star┬ásystems controlled by certain factions will now have vessels out on patrol occasionally. Any fighter of a faction that patrols its systems can be found doing this from time to time. These are the ships that will scan you during a smuggling mission.

There was also some massive AI streamlining that allowed me to more easily add new behaviors – Patrol and Repair (and technically, DisabledShip) were all added today and (currently) seem to be functioning well. Look forward to much richer AI behavior in the future ­čÖé

Just wanted to do a quick dump of some of the more interesting changes/bugfixes that have gone in since my last update.


  • Secondary weapons now fire staggered like primary weapons
  • You can┬ánow view various stats about a system on the galaxy map. Faction influences, services offered, number of inhabited planets, and an estimate of the value of your fleet’s current inventory
  • The game now knows the difference between a rocky/icy world, gas giants, and earth-like planets, and star system generation will place them more appropriately
  • Dragging out a selection box to select multiple AI ships at once is now functional. If you order your fleet to attack with multiple ships selected, your fleet ships will engage the entire group and choose targets individually based on their own targeting priorities
  • Lots of new planet and moon art
  • Radar size is now constant on screen (no longer scales with screen resolution). The radar screen is also zoomable now.
  • The commodities on the Galactic Trading Network can now be sorted for easy shopping – by name, or by price.
  • Civilians will now be more likely to run from combat. It seemed unrealistic to me that if they got caught in the crossfire of a military engagement, that a civilian ship would join the fray. If they are attacked my a military ship, they will now flee the system.
  • Planets will orbit around the system’s main star while you are on the planet.

Bug fixes:

  • AI Ships with very high mass and low thrust are now better able to enter orbit over planets.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause ships to occasionally spawn with entries in their hate list.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause player fleet ships to occasionally attack the wrong target, sometimes each other or even the player.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause ships to sometimes spawn with the same ShipID, leading to targeting errors and causing all sorts of other weird behavior.
  • Fixed an issue where after finishing combat, AI ships would continue to select a new destination until ‘leave system’ was selected, instead of perhaps selecting a planet as a destination.
  • Fixed an issue where AI ships would spawn completely brain dead after being recycled.
  • Fixed an issue that would essentially lock the user out of the UI if they completed or were offered more than one mission simultaneously.



The piracy and looting system in Stellar Nomad is up and running, following a lengthy rework to the┬áin-game economy. Other ships now carry cargo and loot, and if you don’t mind making a few enemies, you can make that bounty yours instead.

Destroy a ship carrying cargo to loot its contents and add them to your own fleet’s inventory, then find a good price for your haul on a planet somewhere to turn a tidy profit.



Quick update – Moons!

This is something I’d been meaning to add for a while and just never got around to for some reason, so here it is.┬áIt’s now super easy for me to moons to any planet, and they’ll cast shadows on each other. You can’t land on them, they’re purely cosmetic, but it’s a nice way to add a little visual variety to a star system.

You can also see one of the new nebulae in the background, but those are a bit less exciting.