What’s new:

  • Ships can now be disabled.
    • When a ship’s armor falls below 20%, the ship is considered disabled and cannot move or shoot.
    • If there are friendly ships in the system who are not in combat, they will approach the disabled ship and repair it.
    • Certain factions always shoot to kill, leaving very few disabled ships behind.
  • Disabled ships can be boarded
    • On boarding a disabled ship, you’ll be able to take any credits or cargo they have, or even capture the vessel and add it to your fleet. These actions carry a favor penalty with the faction of the boarded ship, so make sure you’re ok making some enemies!
    • Alternately, you can repair a disabled ship for a favor bonus with the disabled ship’s faction.
  • Smuggling!
    • Sometimes, you will be offered a mission to smuggle something illicit to another planet. These types of jobs aren’t available on the job board – someone will approach you with the opportunity. The pay is good, but it comes with risks. If you are scanned by a patrol vessel of any faction, the mission is a failure and you will be attacked, as well as lose favor with the faction that scanned you.
    • More importantly, a framework for offering certain missions at certain times in ways other than the job board is in place.
  • Missions can be aborted now
    • If you decide you don’t want to do a mission you’ve been assigned, as long as it’s not a storyline essential mission, you can simply open the mission log and abort it.
  • Patrols!
    • Star systems controlled by certain factions will now have vessels out on patrol occasionally. Any fighter of a faction that patrols its systems can be found doing this from time to time. These are the ships that will scan you during a smuggling mission.

There was also some massive AI streamlining that allowed me to more easily add new behaviors – Patrol and Repair (and technically, DisabledShip) were all added today and (currently) seem to be functioning well. Look forward to much richer AI behavior in the future 🙂