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Stellar Nomad - v0.2.2 Release Notes

The next update to Stellar Nomad has been released! This update focused heavily on the user interface and improving the user experience. I've created the very first Stellar Nomad video devblog entry below, which goes over the coolest changes to the game. The complete list of changes is below.

Visual Improvements:

  • Added axial tilt and rotation values to all planets/moons/stations

  • All planets/moons/stars are at least 25% larger

  • Homing projectiles that lose their target will no longer fly off at weird angles

  • Flak explosions shake the camera slightly

Quality Of Life Improvements:

  • You can now sell ships as well as buy them at the shipyard

  • All ships in your fleet, plus any docked at the current station will be available to be sold

  • You can now sell equipped weapons, leaving the slot empty if you desire

  • Mission Log window (hotkey P) has been reworked

  • You can abort missions from the log window (if the mission is able to be aborted, not all are)

  • You can click ‘view on map’ to open the map to the destination system

  • The inventory panel has been improved

  • You can now filter your search results based on distance, faction, and whether the destination system is hostile to you

  • Clicking ‘mark destination on map’ in the inventory search panel now opens the map to the specified system

  • Added ‘Current Objectives’ tracker to main HUD

  • The objectives are clickable, and will open the mission log to the selected mission

  • From there you can read the mission text, abort the mission, or view the destination on the map

  • Radar Improvements

  • Radar now displays uninhabitable planets as empty circles

  • Radar now displays hostile planets in red

  • Radar can now be zoomed

  • Radar can now hide or show orbit lines in-game

  • Put some sweet tooltips on the radar buttons

  • Mission dialog window improvements

  • Now pauses the game when it appears, and hides other UI elements

  • Can now display a ship icon optionally

  • Added system boundary - will pop up hints to jump if you fly too far away from system center

  • Added a third tutorial mission to show players space stations

  • Added the 'can abort' flag to missions

  • You can now abort the 'Join the Federation' mission, in the event that you find it's a bit much for you

  • Moved hint panel to center above radar, so it can't conflict if the current objectives window gets ridiculously long

  • Split the second intro mission into two objectives

  • Added tooltips to the trade interface to teach you about shift clicking

  • When mission specific enemies spawn (escort missions, dignitary missions) they send you a message letting you know who they are and why they’re attacking you. Aborting the mission will also cause these attackers to disengage

  • When you click ‘View On Map’ in the mission BBS, the map now centers on the destination system

  • Added description to the Manta


  • Fixed some text issues in the tutorial missions

  • Fixed an issue that could cause quest target markers not to spawn or not to despawn

  • Fixed orbit overlap in the Fornacis system

  • Fixed some UI consistency issues in the outfitter

  • Fixed an issue that could cause tooltips to persist when they ought not to

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from looting cargo (and other ships as well)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause system missions to get regenerated unnecessarily

  • Fixed an issue that could cause quest markers not to show up in-system occasionally

  • Fixed a text issue in INTR002

  • Fixed an issue that could cause quest targets to not be removed on mission completion

  • Fixed several text issues in side missions

  • Fixed an issue with guided weapons that allowed you to target ships of the same faction as you (and resulted in your own ship being hit by the projectile as soon as it was fired)

  • Fixed an issue in tab-targeting that could cause it to break

  • Fixed an issue that would cause planet and star radar blips to not spawn occasionally

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a 'mirror blip', where a second radar blip would spawn offset from the player, but otherwise mimic their movements

  • Fixed an issue with negative scale on the kestrel's collision

  • Fixed an issue with ship sensors that could cause the sensors to ping before the sensor transform map was populated

  • Fixed an issue with moons that pushed them too far down in the star system

  • Fixed an issue with star light placement that was making the lighting angle inconsistent per starsystem

  • Fixed a potential nullref when setting fleet ship status

  • Fixed an issue with homing projectiles

  • The map panel will no longer preserve your FTL route or a partial FTL route (allowing you to jump much further than normally allowed, potentially) after death/returning to main menu

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain map features to not work correctly the first time the map was opened

  • Fixed an issue in the radar that could cause the UI state to break after returning to main menu

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the options screen in-game to be unclosable

  • Fixed an issue with the keypress hint system that could cause it to break if you returned to the main menu

  • Fixed an issue in the mission system that would incorrectly flag missions completed by other pilot profiles in the same play session as complete on new pilot files

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