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Dev Update: 1.27.2019

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Progress on getting the Stellar Nomad demo ready to release is proceeding rapidly - I only have a few tasks left on my polish list and almost all of them are not programming or art related, they're just stuff like 'finish writing all ship descriptions' or 'polish mission text'. It'll take some time and work, but it's getting really close. As such, the update list today will be long, but no major features have been added since the last update; it's all polish work and bugfixes.

Bugfixes and balance tweaks:

Fixed an issue in the options menu that was causing refresh rate and resolution dropdowns to fail

Fixed an issue with the Gazelle's engine FX

Visual pass on all starsystems, fixing moon/planet alignments and overbright stars

Added IsMissionCritical flag to ships being escorted, so you can't dock them, sell them, or change their weapons

Fixed an issue in the fleet view panel that caused certain controls to resize oddly

Some writing that was previously terrible has been improved

Fixed the placement of turrets and gun hardpoints on a handful of ships to not look ridiculous in the outfitter view

Greatly expanded lists for player name generation

Greatly expanded lists for ship name generation

Ship names are now generated by faction

Increased payouts on most mission types

Added text parsing for pursuing faction tags

Increased average number of available missions based on tech level of planet

Fixed an issue that could cause bounty targets not to get special names

Fixed an issue that caused space station names not to appear in mission text, ever

Fixed an issue that could cause mission display names to be truncated in the mission BBS

Fixed a text issue in the escort mission template

Mission text now properly parses the player name

Changed how shields and armor values are managed to make them more UI friendly

Fleet status panel can now rename ships

Added fleet weapon and cargo info to fleet window. needs polish but is nearly 100% functional now

Fixed an issue in the bounty mission type that could cause the game to go into a bad state

Removed the button that would instantly disable my ship - lol

Fixed an issue that would prevent the main menu from appearing after the player ship is disabled

Fixed an issue that would cause the shield/hull critical notification from appearing

Moved a moon in the Nashira system outside it's host planet

Fixed an issue that could cause ships to fly WAY faster when their engine component script was disabled (cause the update function limits the actual speed of the ship)

Added stars to the hangar environment, reduced lighting level overall. need to find some way to get the star light out of the picture in station environments still

Fixed an issue that caused your ships armor and shields to be charged to inappropriate values after changing ships via the hangar, shipyard, or as a mission reward

Fixed ship modifications. Still not available for purchase anywhere, but at least they goddamn work

Generated new icons for every ship in every faction color, and every weapon

Hooked up new icons in shipyard

Hooked up new icons in outfitter

Added display names to all fixedguns

The outfitter now uses DisplayName instead of TypeName in all appropriate places

The outfitter now supports purchasing weapons for any fleet ship

Fixed a bug in the trade panel that would cause it to show the wrong ship when opening occasionally

Improved readability of the 'Clear Route' button and the 'Route Cost' display in the map

Balanced weapon audio

Ships now have a Crew stat, that determines how much it costs per jump for that ship, as well as its odds of successfully capturing a boarded ship. These are initial guess numbers and will be balanced more later on

Fixed an issue that could cause your weapon changes to not be saved until after you jump

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