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Dev Update: 1.22.2019

UI Enhancements!

- The outfitter UI is now nearly 100% functional. It's still pretty ugly though

- You can purchase new fixed guns and new turreted weapons and attach them to the visible slots on your ship

- The 'Inventory' tab of the main in-game menu now displays your fleet's cargo

- This will also display the planet with the best known price on whatever commodity you have

- You can also click the 'SET DEST' button on each commodity in your cargo manifest, and it will mark on your map the star system that contains the planet with the best price for that particular commodity

- The Map panel now displays quite a bit about whatever system you have selected, and much of it is dependent on whether you've visited the system before, and which of its planets you've actually landed on

- You can now make custom map markers

- Currently this system only supports the changes in the Inventory panel mentioned above, but the framework is in for players to be able to make arbitrary markers on their maps if they want to remember something in particular

- Simplified the Mission BBS interface - it now takes fewer clicks to accept a mission from the BBS and you aren't presented with redundant information

- Space stations now have a Hangar interface, where you can manage the ships that are active in your fleet, and dock ships you don't need at the moment. They'll be waiting for you there when you come back to that station.

- Currently, there are no docking fees, but that is a planned feature. Rest assured, the docking fees will be considerably cheaper than the cost of actually running the ship in your fleet

- You can also use this interface to take command of a different ship in your fleet, should you wish it


- The entire economy has been re-balanced to bring the profit margins more in line with what is necessary to progress into later game content as a trader, and buy those fancy warships for later game combat missions

- Previously, each type of commodity was almost certainly guaranteed to be priced in a certain range, no matter what planet they were on, making it very difficult to find good profitable trade runs. Now every commodity has a chance to be very inexpensive or very expensive everywhere you go - making the potential for trading profits much higher

Misc balance tweaks and bugfixes!

- All ships have had their purchase and resale prices rebalanced to account for the weapons they are carrying

- All turrets have had their prices rebalanced to account for the guns equipped to each turret

- Fixed an issue where the player could be granted more cargo than they can carry

- Fixed an issue that would cause the player to lose all fleet ships upon quitting the game or returning to main menu. It was kind of a bummer

- Fixed an issue where in certain cases, you would be unable to accept missions at the BBS after dying and returning to the main menu

- Fixed UI scale being incorrect after Unity 2018.3 update

- Fixed an issue where the map stats panel would incorrectly display 'None' when 'Unknown' was appropriate

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