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Dev Update: 01.15.2019

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Big Stuff:

Space stations!

- There are now a handful of space stations scattered through the galaxy of Stellar Nomad

- Stations have specific services that are not accessible on planets or moons

- Holding a system with a space station will have specific strategic value for game factions

Join a faction!

- You can now join a faction, if you gain enough favor with them and they offer you a spot. Faction membership comes with perks - a new paintjob for your ship, access to faction specific ships and weapons, and members of your faction will aid you in combat

UI enhancements!

- The outfitter interface is going in, and features the first in-game  3D environment (super WIP!):

Misc balance tweaks and bugfixes!

- Fixed a bug that could cause faction weight data to persist across save files

- Improved ion cannon DPS to bring it more in line with the pulse cannon. It has a slightly lower DPS, but a much higher rate of fire and a smaller spread

- Fixed an issue where on mission completion, sometimes the wrong mission or more than one mission was offered as a followup

- After joining a faction, star systems will identify you as an enemy combatant, if indeed you are one

- Fixed an issue with the Hammer that caused it to not launch fighters

- Resolved serialization depth issues with moons, they can now have economies and offer missions

- Renamed all habitable planets with more flavorful names

- Fixed an issue that could cause a star system to be marked as uninhabited if only moons were habitable

- The rate at which prices change due to trading activity has been reduced by 75% (slower changes, more friendly to large trading fleets)

- All commodities have had an additional price modifier added - production rate. Creates larger variation in price to make for more profitable trading

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